The Market Gap

Statutory Inspection : The Market Gap 

An engineer test a hoist

At LHS we strive to provide the best possible service to all our clients, and aim to constantly improve our systems and procedures. Our continued development as an independent test house providing statutory inspections through our award winning program coupled with maintenance services differentiates our company from other single service providers.

The difference between LHS Services compared to other inspection and insurance companies includes:

  1. Inspection and Certification is NOT their Core Business
  2. Expensive as a service provider
  3. Do not have a full Management system such as CLASS
  4. The type of inspection adds little or no value to the client
  5. Will only inspect what is presented or found by them on the day
  6. Late delivery of statutory inspection services can leave the client out of cover
  7. Surveyors can arrive unannounced suiting their schedules and not their clients
  8. Late delivery of inspection results in possible safety issues
  9. Late notice of faulty equipment with possible safety issues
  10. Poor reports and notices relating to issues on plant items
  11. Surveyors will not carry any tools or test equipment
  12. Surveyors will not open equipment to view internal workings
  13. No real partnership with client to ensure the client meets their statutory obligations regarding equipment missing etc.
  14. If a plant item is not presented for inspection and is involved in an accident the company may or may not cover the insurance claim costs
  15. If a plant item is not presented for inspection and is involved in an accident the company would be charged with a breach of the legislation

The CLASS Inspection program has 33 steps to every inspection whether it is a €5 shackle or a €50000 crane. The CLASS programme complies with BS EN 

ISO/IEC 1702:2012.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the CLASS award winning inspection programmeThe system has already proven itself in the Irish Courts. Let us prove to you that our systems and procedures are the most powerful inspection programme in the market place.